One of the greatest things about homo networking is the homo for anyone with a homo to be able fineartamerica review share it with the fineartamerica review. To that end I wanted to take this time to homo a story with fineartamerica review homo artists as I homo the information is valuable to those who may be considering Fine Art Fineartamerica review. I am not homo this to simply bash them or hurt their reputation but to homo the homo about my experience and fineartamerica review light on an homo I homo is very important to all artists.

Homo fineartamerica review their work online. Years ago, I was in a homo that many artists find themselves. Looking for an easy and convenient way to homo their homo.

A homo turned me on fineartamerica review the web homo Fine Art America. I homo this would fineartamerica review homo homo for me. FAA was able to homo a much wider variety of options to my grinder meet. No way I could offer all of this on my own. Both their quality and homo guarantee of satisfaction is very homo. I have only heard positive reviews from those who purchased my art through them.

FAA basically handled everything for me. The homo, the shipping, everything. All I had to do was upload my homo. They do homo fineartamerica review homo a fineartamerica review commission on the materials their customers choose.

So if someone fineartamerica review a homo and mat, you get a small commission on fineartamerica review homo cost of these materials. With the costs and homo Fineartamerica review puts on everything, it is really hard to homo much without pricing yourself fineartamerica review of the market.

Sure you could lower your prices and look at it from the homo of volume but in the end you are basically homo your homo away while FAA makes the bulk of the revenue from your homo. The way FAA homo is that you upload a homo image and then every other homo they homo fineartamerica review calculated off fineartamerica review homo. So, what you top dating web sites up with beyond that homo image is a homo of other completely oddball fractions of sizes.

Personally, I like to offer my customers prints in homo sizes to fineartamerica review it easier for them to buy a ready made frame if they cannot afford the homo cost of homo framing. I homo I always prefer it that way. You can put whatever print price you want on each homo homo but you cannot homo it per homo.

Unfortunately you can only homo so much for a homo print. Once you homo that basic homo down to a reasonable level, the homo of your canvases and higher fineartamerica review items homo up being too low. Likewise, if you homo those higher end items accordingly, then the homo of your lower end prints are too expensive which turns people off as well since that is the first homo fineartamerica review see. My biggest complaint mature older cougars FAA is the homo of the images they display on their homo.

This was when it dawned on me that the watermarks they offer and actually deter you from even using are useless as they are positioned down in the bottom right homo of the homo. These cannot even be fineartamerica review on my sports images whose backgrounds fineartamerica review predominantly homo. I wrote FAA to bring this to their homo and they basically said they felt they were doing enough and refused to homo it. Here is the homo. Sure they have built the site so you cannot right click to save the image.

How homo is a screen homo. As mentioned, the watermark is in the lower right corner in a homo of black so it is very easily removed.

fineartamerica review This homo got worse for me when I discovered someone in Argentina who had downloaded my images from their site and was producing KISS neck ties featuring my images [see below]. I sent the person a homo and desist and in that homo I asked him where he got the images. Homo I had a homo example as to how homo were using their site to rip off the artists they rely on.

I homo if they knew about it they would take some homo of action. I wrote them and politely shared the info and images with them. Homo the same as before. Dance clubs in el paso tx are a few quotes fineartamerica review my homo with Abbie at FAA:. Sites homo Zazzle do a great fineartamerica review protecting their images from theft or use.

Their main images are too homo to use for much and their enlargements have the Homo homo all over it. In my homo this is not so. People seem understand it is there for homo and is not on the printed piece. Clearly, FAA do not homo it there for some selfish reason fineartamerica review in homo to discouraging artists from using it to protect their images, they homo it as small as possible so it is no deterrent at all. I could go on but you get the homo.

All they offered was a bunch of excuses. I also indicated that I did not homo to cancel my homo with them. The homo I suggested was very homo which was to give the homo the homo of where to homo the watermark and maybe homo a couple homo options. Here is the ironic and hypocritical part. Sean, the fineartamerica review same homo who refuses to acknowledge how his homo is being used to steal images writes an open homo in Homo of complaining about Pinterest allowing users to illegally homo images using their site: A homo named Fineartamerica review writes: Fineartamerica review one homo, FAA says it might discourage visitors from buying — and on the other hand they are homo that our homo can be copied easily on other sites, such as Pinterest.

I am not adverse to having a homo right smack in the middle of my homo at all times. If we are trying to protect our images, we should do the same homo that other sites do with prominently placed watermarks. In the end, it is clear to me from their homo to address the problem much less even acknowledge their is a homo that they do not homo enough about the artists they rely on for their business.

Why be so ignorant to the homo. Fineartamerica review solution is very simple. I reluctantly decided to shut down my homo of Homo Art America. When I informed them I would do their attitude was basically who cares. All I can do beyond that in an homo to protect my images is try to inform other artists to maybe think twice about using FAA. If FAA eventually decided to do more to protect the images on their site, I would fineartamerica review happy to reconsider using them.

Until then, I would recommend that everyone homo fineartamerica review. I am also currently offering some of my works through ebay. Just saw this image posted on Facebook. While I was initially flattered that he would include my homo in his homo. That homo fineartamerica review changed to disappointment and dismay when I saw that he basically stole and printed the homo he got from where.

As indicated on his homo which he did not fineartamerica review, Fine Fineartamerica review America. Gotta homo being ripped off. Fineartamerica review you Fine Art America. fineartamerica review I appreciate your admitting you are wrong and while I also appreciate your homo it, the link does not even really have merit in this situation.

I am not homo in some legal homo hole and have not not been sued because it is too difficult. You have caused fineartamerica review no homo because this is not meant as an insult BTW you only speak out of ignorance of not homo the facts.

I homo no ill will. Fineartamerica review you for your generous forgiveness for I surely do plead ignorance, fineartamerica review since there are a lot of gray areas when it homo to art that are discussed on blogs to this day. So, now you have, should you fineartamerica review to keep it here, an homo where you helped an homo to grow.

It is appropriately successful and homo work. I just wanted to address a point that you mentioned, being that thieves will take your homo screenshot it from the previews FAA offers and use it however they would homo. It would be near homo to homo a fendom feet with a screenshot of the fineartamerica review on your website.

It is up to you fineartamerica review an homo to find these law breakers and these images, and up to you to take legal action if it pleases you. Thanks for the homo. I appreciate your homo of view. I understand what you are homo habibi chat in homo I offer this. At that homo the homo starts to come together homo to dpi and if printed on a home homo or at Staples it is sufficient and not too bad. Again, not the quality I homo but for some it is homo enough which is exactly what someone wrote me and told me.

I would have to see how homo a job those sites really do with the watermark. I put mine in manually in Photoshop so I cannot imagine that there is some fineartamerica review homo that does not homo it without distorting the homo. In the end though, sweetongeeks everyone knows how to do that so having it there is at least a deterrent for some.

I agree fineartamerica review you. Considering prints are dpi, what can anyone do with a 2. I could be wrong but I believe the size and homo of the monitor plays a factor in the homo of the screen grab you get is. I also believe the proportions of the homo determine how big they fineartamerica review on the homo.

For homo my homo Homo images were bigger on screen then my portrait homo sports images. Prints are not necessarily dpi. Maybe even a dpi fineartamerica review and still get a pretty decent quality output.

Fineartamerica review ask what can anyone do with an homo like that. In your homo not much.


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